Best Lingerie for Short Women

Little things in life can bring you a lot of happiness and comfort such as a delicate piece of lingerie that is comfortable as well. It could be hard to find lingerie that fits you perfectly and looks good on your body but once you do, you'll feel amazing. In addition to being a fun way to express yourself, it's also a great idea to let your creativity run free. Despite its aesthetic appeal, lingerie that is made for your specific body type is also quite practical. You can improve the fit and feel of your clothes by choosing the right bras and panties. The Internet is filled with lingerie options that can be extremely tempting. What’s more important is that we all come in different shapes and sizes. What looks good on others might not be the best option for us. The struggle of finding the right one for yourself considering your compact body structure and smaller breasts can be hard. 

Although overwhelming something, but lingerie shopping can actually be so much fun when you know your preferences. What looks good on you if you're short, have a sleek body, narrow shoulders, or smaller legs? Having significant information about body type makes finding lingerie much easier. We have listed down the best lingerie for short women that will flatter your shape and make you feel as comfortable and stunning as ever.

Embroidered Mesh 2 Piece Panty Set with Garter

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Short Women With Hourglass Body 

Women who have the equal size of shoulders and hips with a slightly thinner mid-body have an hourglass shape. To enhance your best assets and look irresistible in your own body, wear lingerie that adds oomph to your natural figure. The good thing is that you're blessed with measurements that are of the same width and a slender waistline, hence anything sits well on this type of body. There are, however, some excellent options such as garter belts, teddies, and corsets. Another option is to wear a thong with a lace bra or a high-leg panty.

An hourglass figure is one in which shoulders and hips are fairly balanced and the waist is well defined. Look for lingerie that maintains proportion between your upper and lower body. Wearing a bra with the right cup size is the key to comfortable attire that amps up your look. Retro-vintage styles are our first pick for you. When it comes to panties, a high-hip style touching your waist is the perfect way to highlight your shape. How about this turquoise lacy pair that will bring you all the charm you have been looking for? 


Burgundy Lace Chemise for Short Women

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Short Women With Triangle Body 

If your hips are wide in comparison to your shoulders, you have a triangle body shape. In that case, you would want to look for lingerie that draws the focus to your upper body. Lighter-tone bras with elaborate floral embroidery or prints that have padding throughout the entire cup would be the most appropriate pick for you. They will create a curvier silhouette to make your upper body look broad. Go for lacy add-ons if you want to add some extra illusion of a broader chest. For panties, low-rise briefs or thongs can help balance out your hips in darker colours.

If you have a triangular body type, you're truly and naturally blessed. Your wider hips take all the attention and you can most definitely make the most out of it by wearing the right kind of lingerie. The perfect selection for you would be something that balances your figure and makes it more proportionate. A sexy chemise that fits your breasts but is flowier towards the hips is a great option. Consider a set that comes with a matching bra and panties or a bandeau bra that helps to level out your shoulders and hips.

Embroidered Mesh 2 Piece Panty Set with Garter Belt

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Short Women With Rectangle Body 

Your body is rectangular if it has no defined curves. People often have that shape naturally or achieve that through athletic exercises. To find the right kind of undergarments for that kind of body, you need to know which parts you want to highlight. Something that cinches at the waist would be a great pick. It would ultimately create the illusion of a thinner waist and broader breasts or hips. Floral Corsets are the best option for that. They provide you with curves that will make your body look sensuous in a short dress or a flowy gown.

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However, with a long torso, you will look fabulous in a garter belt or teddy. The options are unlimited for those without much variation between shoulder, waist, or hip because you can also pick a push-up bra for a heavier upper body. Bras and bralettes that extend farther down the torso for a retro feel will provide you with the much-adored babe look. High-waisted briefs are often viewed as the best fashion statement for a body with a ruler shape. 

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Short Women With A Round Body 

A round body is defined as having a rounded waist. A wider torso and upper body as compared to your hips give you a shape that looks more oval. To accentuate this figure, go for lingerie that makes your body appear proportionate. If you want to cover up your waist and define your bust line, a negligee is your best option. You may also choose a teddy for this type of body. An interesting choice for those who are new to the overwhelming information about different lingerie types for different body types is a pair of chemise or satin see-through gowns. Make no mistake - they will look sensuous by highlighting your best parts.

A less defined waistline is what you might want to work on so try to find lingerie that lengthens your figure. A slightly plunge bra that is a bit more exposing at the front is perfect for your body type. Something that does a great job at showing off your shoulders and highlighting the deep cut that creates a vertical line will be a great pick as it helps balance the body. High-waisted panties or briefs will do good but for special nights, you should go for thongs with side ribbons to make your legs look longer and more seductive.

Hanging Neck Sexy Lace Bodysuit Teddy Lingerie

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Short Women With Petite And Compact Body 

One of the best things about being a petite woman is that the options are unlimited when it comes to your lingerie fashion and comfort. Such as soft cup bras, push-ups, bodysuits, things, etc. You can make the choice between underwire or plain as well depending on the outfit you'll be wearing or the occasion. There is a common misconception that if you have a petite body with smaller breasts, an underwire is the only way to have a great shape for you. On the contrary, wireless bras are equally effective with added comfort. 

Having this type of body is truly a blessing as most women with heavier breasts and hips have to consider many factors such as cleavage, coverage etc. Whereas, you can just go for anything. For special nights, we recommend this breathtaking black bodysuit to woo your partner. 

Things to consider while buying lingerie for short women

Lingerie options for short women are limitless. Going for lingerie shopping can actually be so much fun if you know your preferences. There are certain things you must keep in mind while picking your undergarments because you can easily go wrong if not aware of certain facts. Know the type of colour you want, the style of your lingerie, and are you more comfortable with satin or mesh. Do you prefer lace, print, or embroidery, what price range are you comfortable with, is there any specific brand that you love the most, is there any cheaper alternative to your favourite expensive lingerie? 

Once you look for the answer over the internet or consult a friend who’s the subject matter expert on lingerie, you’ll know what to look for once you’re in the market. You can also scroll through and lock in some stunning lingerie options for short, petite, and curvy women. 

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