What Should You Wear Under See-through Lingerie?

From slightly sheer to completely transparent, you can fill your closet with all kinds of sexy see-through lingerie. Some women feel quite comfortable wearing a bodysuit that reveals everything in the bedroom, however, others like to play hide and seek by coving up a little bit. Wearing a bodysuit under a blazer or an open gown outside of the bedroom has also become popular on the fashion streets.

However, while getting ready for your romantic night, there are a number of options you can play around with. Pair a matching bra or a contrasting two-piece with your provocative lingeries. If you want to turn things much more revealing and bewitching, go with nipple pasties under your see-through teddy. 

Play safe with a matching bra

By choosing a matching bra, you will create a simple yet sophisticated bodysuit look. If you're going with a simple black mesh bodysuit, wear a plain black bandeau bra underneath. It is a perfect date night look to raise the heat. Also, throwing a beige oversized blazer over your shoulders, paired with high-waisted jeans will brighten up your street look.

Experiment with contrasting two-piece 

It is absolutely fine if your bodysuit and bra are in different colours. A matching look can be elegant but a contrasting two-piece can add a bit of edginess to your provocative attire. Match your mesh top with a bra of a different colour if you want a brighter or darker look. Wearing a black bra under a nude bodysuit can elevate your curves in the most irresistible way. An orange or neon bra under a black chemise could also help galvanize things up

Go all out with nipple pasties 

Here's your chance to show off your 'flaunt it if you got it' attitude. Get in touch with your inner diva by wearing something daring and sexy. Wear nipple pasties under your see-through lingeries if you don't want to wear a bra. Glittering, colourful, or stars and heart-shaped pasties will pleasantly wow your partner. However, for a more seriously-passionate look, plain simple round pasties would be the best pick.

No matter which one you opt for, don’t forget to wear your smile along with the alluring see-through bodysuit. It will enhance your charm a hundred times more. To explore all your options, scroll through the sexy collection of bikini sets, bodysuits & teddy, and chemise at Curvy Petite.

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