How do you wear teddy lingerie?

How do you wear teddy lingerie?

Trying to keep it simple yet sexy? How about a silky floral teddy with frills that fall right onto your bare thighs? It could easily be the most effortlessly provocative attire that is capable of turning a mundane Tuesday night into a romantically exciting occasion. These garments are a seductive, figure-hugging delicacy that turns you into a diva.

No matter what you are looking for - from a see-through lace number to something modest for a fun time in the dark - there is nothing more sensual than teddy lingerie. Some of us find it a bit too revealing and feel uncomfortable with so much exposure. Here’s a secret ladies; pair it with a gown or imagine this sexy lingerie as a camisole and rock it with confidence. Let's find out some super exciting and provocative yet adorable ways to wear teddy lingerie. 

Teddy as a sleepwear 

Some might believe that a teddy can only be ideal for an eventful night with your partner. But wait for a second! Think about a teddy as a comfortable piece that you can wear for a dreamy sleep. Its loose and comfy fitting, minimal design, and delicate material make the best sleepwear.

Teddy as an innerwear

It's the kind of clothing that has a gorgeous embroidered affair going on at the neckline. You can put it on display by pairing it with your most bossy-looking suit. Teddy can be the ideal innerwear for your corporate look that elevates your subtle sexuality while enhancing your ‘getting-the-job-done’ attitude.  

Teddy as beachwear 

You don't have to limit yourself to indoors with teddy lingerie. Just like a bodysuit, wear it to the pool or beach with your friends to soak up the sun. Go for floral prints to ensure some of the most breathtaking pool pictures. Accessorize your outfit with a sun hat, and waist wrap to feel like a celebrity. The sight of you in one of those will leave your partner speechless.

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